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Developed for the Australian Army, this fleet of genuine ex-military vehicles is as diverse as it is rugged.

Whether it's tank transports or go-anywhere Land Rovers, the vehicles on offer have been called on to serve in the world's toughest conditions - from recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq to the Boxing Day Tsunami aid operations and peacekeeping missions in Timor. If they can handle that, chances are they can handle almost anything you can throw at them.

Each one has undertaken thousands of kilometres of testing and trials to ensure that it has the capability, strength and safety to get the job done. After all, our Diggers wouldn't have it any other way.



These vehicles carry a range of markings ā€“ all of which have significance. The most common are specific unit indicators, followed by front and rear mounted plate-holders bearing the unit's division on one side and unit insignia on the other. Such unit identification can be painted on, or if the vehicle has come from a pool, can be inserted and removed as needed. Other markings are functional. They might denote appropriate tyre pressures for different terrain, the correct centre of gravity for hoisting by helicopter or crane, or they might denote safe fording depth for river crossings.

In some cases, unit and section insignia, individual logos, even names and mascots are painted on the doors or under the bonnet. Personal details such as these provide a fascinating insight into a particular vehicle's unique history.


Images courtesy of the Australian Defence Image Library.