AFM Staff Picks for Perentie 4WDing Tracks

Here at Australian Frontline Machinery we see so many examples of Australia’s finest 4WDing. From the wildness of the Tasmanian highland trails to the picturesque blue shores of mighty QLD, Australia really does offer one of the most vast and widest ranges of natural beauty, anywhere in the world. After much deliberation we have decided on our top 5 (in no particular order!) absolute favourite, must see before you die, 4WDing tracks in Australia! Feel free to send us a message if you think we got the list right, or if we didn’t!


Starting us off is the NSW. Coffs Harbour is a 4WDing staple with lots of very impressive campsites and more than challenging enough tracks it holds a bit of everything in the off-roading scene. The England Track is a slippery and challenging tack. We would love to see someone with a kitted Landy tackle this beast, known to be challenging the best 4wders out there. It is most certainly not for the faint of heart so be sure to take some recovery gear!


Ellis Track is nearest to Melbourne, VIC. This track is a Mud lover’s dream and will give your beast a new paint coat by the end (if you make it!). This one much like the 1st choice is also a challenging track but can showcase the capabilities of any 4WDing UNIT, especially the mighty perentie! Before tackling this monstrosity make sure you tighten down the hatches and bolt everything in (including a big winch) because we promise you’ll need it!


For a more relaxing and picturesque collection of tracks: Conondale National Park, closest to Sunshine Coast, QLD featuring large quantities of water fun and mountains, these tracks have a little of everything including fantastic campsites. The clear water will buff the dirt out of any Dirty Defender but will quickly coat it again as you climb and get lost in the endless rainforests. Recommend for some RnR with your Landy!

Gibb River Road


Our next choice highlights one of the best parts of off-roading in Australia, which is the red dust and outback trails! Gibb River Road, North-West Australia. This is a long (660km) and rewarding track that will engross the driver fully in the Australian outback and way of life. Featuring copious gorges and waterholes lost in the dusty desert, it is a rewarding treat in this hot climate. There are many must stop spots on this trip, so make sure to take your time and do what Perenties do best! Explore!


Finally, we get to the Bridle Track, Bathurst, NSW! This track is a biased favourite here at Australian Frontline Machinery as it’s acceptably close to our office stomping grounds. While this track is not the most challenging or muddiest around this precarious track keeps the most experienced 4WDing perentie or Mog owner on their toes! With the lack of guard rails and the abundance of steep edges coupled with the fantastic views, it has become a staple of the office place conversations.

Although there are many more memorable mentions, these 5 encapsulate an excellent scope of Australian 4WDing. When paired with the classical Australian Perentie and Mog these tracks and many more form a romantic picture of Australia, 4WDing and culture and we here at Australian Frontline Machinery are thrilled to share it with you.

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We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, learn and work.

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, learn and work.


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