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Parts & Equipment

We've got a huge range of mechanical parts for Land Rover 4x4s, 6x6s, Mack Trucks, Unimogs and many more. From engines to transmissions, winches, seats, axles - we've got it all to keep you on the road for longer. The selection of parts varies from auction to auction, so don't miss the set inspections days to view the spares for yourself.

Don't have an ex-Defence vehicle? There's still something for you - we sell a wide range of ex-Military equipment. If it's used by Defence, then we've probably sold it! Boots, tools, dental chairs, portable buildings - you name it and we'll probably have it. As with parts, items are subject to disposal by Defence, so sign up to our newsletter to get the latest intel on what's available in our monthly auctions.


What do we sell?


Land Rover Parts

We sell parts for Land Rovers including engines, transmissions, winches, seats and axles. We also recieve a wide variety of other parts for Land Rovers - the best way to find out what we have available is to sign-up to our newsletter.

Parts - Other Vehicles

We also auction spare parts for other vehicles, including (but not limited to) Mercedes-Benz Unimogs and Mack Trucks.


We auction a range of ex-Military equipment; from canoes and kyaks to portable buildings and telescopes - we've got something for everyone!