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Driving the Victorian High Country


Another mighty amazing off-roading adventure situated in South – Eastern Victoria is the Victorian High Country. This magical stretch of 4WDing tracks features copious pubs, campsites (most of which are free) and breathtaking mountain scenery. With the abundance of camping sites there is never an issue finding a spot to bunker down before a nice morning hike up the Pinnacles lookout. This hike includes amazing views of the Victorian countryside and rare 360-degree lookout spot, make sure when hiking to lookout for the fire spotters hut before the vertigo inducing scale to the fire towers.

To challenge the Perenties take them down the Bill Goat Bluff track. An iconic Victorian high-country track featuring a steep crawl over lose rocks and fun rock steps, also note the track is narrow at times so travel with caution. Further on you will encounter the next track which features deep river crossings, giving you a chance to clean off that Perentie. These mostly-straightforward crossings can get dicey after rain so proceed with caution. Finally, there is a rewarding and picturesque campsite at the other end allowing for some recouping after a big day on the trails.

Other mentionable tracks such as the Blue Rag Trig point allow for more of those 360-degree views and steep hill climbs. But with the shear size area around the Victorian High Country we simply recommend getting engrossed and exploring with your Perentie. Remember to give yourself longer than expected because once you start, it’s hard to stop.